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klainebingo: mistaken identity // masterlist
a never-met au, in which Kurt doesn’t go to NYADA.

"How do you accidentally do something like that?” ~5k

Blaine can tell by the grin on Sam’s mouth that he’s not going to like what comes out of it. It’s that strained smile that screams ‘awkward’ and, coupled with the way he had jumped up from the couch to his feet when Blaine entered the apartment, his whole demeanor radiates nothing but bad things. Instantly, the excuses for why Sam doesn’t have the money for his share of the rent (again) echo in Blaine’s mind, but he shoves those thoughts away before they make him queasy.

He sits his messenger bag in the armchair next to him, closes his eyes in plea as he says, “Please, Sam, if it’s bad news keep it to yourself, I’m too tired to-“

"Oh no no no, dude, nothing’s wrong."

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Homecoming [Kurt/Blaine] PG


Kurt and Blaine are back in Lima to visit Burt and Carole for the weekend.  Jen wanted Kurt being a car-sleeper, and my mind went from there.

~1,200 words

“Five bucks says he’s out before the first rest stop,” Burt declared, looking entirely too pleased with himself as he caught Blaine in a hug.

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21 Things About Kurt and Blaine’s Wedding


Because 21 is a thing and we could all use some good old Klaine fluff. 

1. Puck borrowed a camera from a newly-graduated Artie and insisted on taking the wedding photos. When asked why, he replied, “I take credit for all of this since I was the one who told you to go spy on the Garglers (“Warblers!” Kurt corrects him) and if I hadn’t, we wouldn’t even be here. So I’m taking the damn photos.” 

2. To make it fair, they decided to have one Best Man and one Maid of Honour each. Kurt chose Rachel and his father; Blaine chose Tina and his brother, Cooper, after a stern warning not to misbehave and not to mention that stupid credit rating commercial from way back when, again.

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prompted: Would you consider writing blind!Blaine getting the opportunity to have his eyesight restored and even though there’s still a high chance it won’t be but he decides to take it. Kurt’s with him when they see the result and Blaine wants to see is Kurt first and when they remove the wrap from his eyes he sees Kurt for the first time ever and starts crying and Kurt thinks it didn’t work but it did and Blaine’s crying because he can finally see his gorgeous husband

(note that even with research i took a few liberties for the sake of the prompt and because hey, it’s fiction)

There are empty coffee cups stacked four deep on the chair next to the bed in Blaine’s exam room, evidence of Kurt’s proclivity to chain-drink caffeine when stressed. The doctor is a lot later in coming to exam Blaine than he’d said he would be, and despite Blaine’s understanding, laidback attitude about it Kurt knows that he’s antsy and nervous, too.

“Where is he?” Kurt asks, not even bothering to try and disguise the agitated whine in his voice. He takes to pacing by the window, hands jittering as he flutters them. “He said he’d be here ten minutes ago.”

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Title: Hearts and Homes

Author:  beautifulwhatsyourhurry

Rating:  M

Summary:  A cold winter night finds Kurt stranded after some car trouble, only to bring him face to face with a sick, shivering, homeless boy beneath a bridge. That boy, of course, turns out to be Blaine.

 Pairing: Klaine

Word count:  ~78,300

Status: complete

Chapters:  27 + epilogue

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youre-brilliant asked
Ah! I misunderstood. If you're still doing these, I'd love one for star-crossed and starry-eyed, it's raining men, or here on gilligan's isle :)


I’m still working on your other one, FYI.  Or trying to, at least!


Star-Crossed & Starry-Eyed (Scandals & Secrets) :

There are a lot of god-awful things that come with being royalty and in the public eye but the worst is dealing with the scandals.

God, the scandals.

And they’re never even true.


“You’re cheating on me with a maid,” Kurt says one morning as he comes into the dining room holding a paper.

Blaine doesn’t even look up from where he’s sitting at the table, already eating breakfast. “Oh? Sorry about that.”

“Apology accepted,” Kurt says as he sits at the other end of the table. “But try to keep your hands off of her in the future.”

Suddenly the words register with Blaine. “Wait, a maid?” he asks. “Why do pretend scandals about me always involve girls? It’s insulting.”

Kurt cocks an eyebrow. “That’s what you’re choosing to be insulted about?”

Blaine shrugs. “This is like the fifth time I’ve cheated on you now. It stopped being insulting a few months ago.”

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Blaine Claus


[12 Days of Ficmas 2013] [AO3] 1.8k

Blaine has been spending time in his father’s workshop for as long as he can remember.

His mother tells him that even when as a newborn, he used to spend time in the workshop, the colors and sounds of tinkering helping to keep him calm. It comes as no surprise when it ends up being the place he spends nearly all of his time as he grows older.

As Santa’s son, he’s not expected to help the elves make the toys, but, as soon as Blaine is old enough to handle the tools without risk of hurting himself, he takes up his own station in the workshop.

That’s how he meets Kurt.

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Fic: Butterflies and Hurricanes [Part 3/3]


AU: The Hunger Games/Klaine Crossover Fic

Winning means fame and fortune, losing means certain death.

Blaine Anderson is sixteen when he volunteers for the Hunger Games in the place of his boyfriend; Kurt Hummel is seventeen and can do nothing but stand by and watch him fight to the death.

(Back to the beginning) (Part Two)

Warnings: Sex, character death (seeing as it’s a Hunger Games crossover that shouldn’t surprising), graphic descriptions of injury, and a bucket load of angst.

Rating: M

Length: 5,000/26,000

Notes: This was originally the part I wrote first, on February the 29th and wow I’ve been working on this story for far too long. Ellie and Atalya are the best betas I could ever have hoped for ever. Feel free to send me message of love or hate, they make me smile. People have been drawing/making me stuff and I love them. This was all started by a wonderful photoset by colferrr.

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mothafickle asked
k and b being locker partners in 1st grade uwu


anonymous prompted: klaine+holding hands uwu

"Do I have to share?” Kurt whines, crossing his arms. “Other people don’t have to.”

"Yeah, like who?" Burt asks, attempting to give Kurt a hard look but failing entirely.

"Like her," Kurt says. He points to a rather energetic girl who has already decked the inside of her locker out with pink and stars and more pink. "Why does she have her own locker and I have to share?"

Burt sighs. “‘Cause you gotta learn to share, bud. It’ll be good for you, you don’t got anyone to share with at home.”

"But I like it that way.”

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