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Fic: Friends, Benefits, and All Those Stupid Feelings


For the fic meme thing from the other day, an overwhelming number of people promted: ”You are cute but we’re not going to be a thing.”

Skank!Kurt, Klaine, ~4,700 words

Thanks to Emily for reading this over on really short notice.

The first time it happens Blaine is surprised at first, but definitely very happy. He’s been fascinated by Kurt since the day he first saw him, unable to stop staring at him whenever he had the opportunity; he hasn’t seen very many guys with pink streaks in their hair and eyebrow piercings and a constant scowl on their faces who also managed to look so … adorable at the same time. Fascination had quickly turned into a bit of a crush, and he’d just barely managed to not squeal with excitement when their English teacher had paired them up for a semester-long project.

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Title: Ain’t No Sunshine
Author: Chatterboxrose
Word count: 7.1k
Chapters: 1
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Alternative Universe where people have an outward manifestation of their negative emotions, Blaine Anderson hates seeing people with their Emotional Clouds. So much that he likes to cheer up complete strangers to make them go away. But one bad day he gets his own rain cloud and doesn’t have an umbrella and someone else comes to his aide to do the same for him.

Three Times Things Didn’t Go As Kurt Planned


Title: Three Times Things Didn’t Go As Kurt Planned
Author: Knittywriter
Rating: R

Summary: Kurt has plans. Blaine has other ideas.

Notes: between conversations with @stjimmyjazz about realistic depictions, and with @trufflemores about drunk! Blaine — this happened.


They’ve been making out pretty heavy for a while now, and one of them probably should have called a timeout to cool down, but Kurt’s just figured out what happens when he mouths at the side of Blaine’s neck (Blaine shudders and makes the most delicious moaning sound low in his throat and it’s so fucking sexy) and neither of them -actually- wants to stop.

The problem is they started this kissing and nibbling and exploring hands afternoon quite chastely, sitting side by side on the couch in the basement, watching a movie. Holding hands led to fingers trailing up arms, fingers trailing down legs, an awkward shuffling so they both could put their legs more comfortably up on the couch and cuddle and one charged moment of Blaine smouldering into Kurt’s eyes and the kissing commenced with gusto.

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Fic: Support


Summary: Kurt is having an insane week. Blaine just wants to help. Which is proving to be just a tad difficult…

A/N: Written for the klainebingo prompt “taking care of”; (one of these days I’ll learn how to be succinct but today is not that day): ~3,200 words

There are many things Blaine loves about Kurt. Too many to really list all of them; he knows, he’s tried. Countless times actually, watching Kurt sleep curled up in their bed on a Saturday morning, trying to write him a love song, coming up with the perfect speech for his proposal. But there is just no way to summarize Kurt in a few words, or a few paragraphs even, and so Blaine just accepts the fact that he’ll never fully be able to express the way he feels in something as simple as words words.

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Fic: Adapting


Half-vampire!Kurt AU. When your boyfriend’s more adorable than bloodthirsty, it’s not hard to adjust to his lifestyle. ~945 words, PG.

This really wasn’t the bombshell Blaine was expecting Kurt to drop when he’d said he had something to tell Blaine.

“You’re a what?” Blaine asked, feeling his forehead furrow into deep ruts. “You can’t be.”

“I assure you, Blaine, I’m half-vampire,” Kurt said. He squeezed Blaine’s hand one last time before releasing it and sinking back into his end of the couch. “I won’t hold it against you if you want to run screaming from the apartment.”

“But you almost pass out in terror every time you have to get your blood drawn at the doctor’s,” Blaine said, not leaving his seat. “And you just ate garlic bread with me at that Italian place last night.”

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Crema (Mini) Prompt Fill #54


Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating/Length: G/ ~500

All Prompt Fills, with descriptions, can be found in the Masterpost and also on A03, with the main body of the story.

(AO3 link)

Anonymous asked you: can u maybe do one with the wedding and Blaine working at his coffee bar

Act Five: The Coffee

Kurt’s sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and his tie is coming undone around his neck.  He lost his jacket an hour ago and the back of his neck feels clammy with his sweat.  He would care about his appearance, how disheveled he’s starting to look, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this day.

Well, maybe there’s one thing.  He hasn’t seen his husband in far too long. 

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Fic: “Chicken Hearted”


Word Count: 1400

Rating: PG-13 & 1/3 (the third is for the blowjob joke)

Summary: Kurt is having some issues writing his vows. 


“I can’t do this.”

“Oh, for the love of- Just shut up and channel your inner romance novel writer.”

Kurt scrunched up his nose. “I thought we were going for honesty here?”

“Yeah, well, when we’re dealing with a tight-lipped pro-actions-are-better-than-words advocate…”

“Are you saying I suck at being vulnerable?”

“I’m saying making a joke here about sucking versus vulnerability would work far too well. I’m surprised you’re not better at this given how romantic your future-husband is on a daily basis.”

Rolling his eyes, Kurt picked his pen up again. “We complete each other.”

“See! That’s the spirit! Just tone down the sarcasm a little and you’ll be fine.”

“I could always just repeat what he says back to him, maybe change all the words and add a few witty comme-”

“Or,” Elliott interrupted. “Revolutionary idea here: Write your own goddamn vows.”

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Crema Prompt Fill #63


Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating/Length: G / ~1,250

All Prompt Fills, with descriptions, can be found in the Masterpost and also on A03, with the main body of the story.

Anonymous asked you:  I would love some more Pav stories please, seeing Chris with his new puppy gave me lots of feels!

(AO3 link)


Blaine is used to waking up before the sun.  Years and years of opening shifts at his Starbucks trained him to rise when the rest of world outside was still dark and quiet.

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Crema (Mini) Prompt Fill #57


Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating/Length: G/ ~555

All Prompt Fills, with descriptions, can be found in the Masterpost and also on A03, with the main body of the story.

(AO3 link)

Anonymous asked you: I would love to read about the first time Kurt came into Blaine’s Starbucks, from Kurt’s perspective. I just reread the ending of Americano and realized that Kurt knew Blaine was stunned by him :)

Kurt makes his way down the crowded sidewalk and checks his phone again.


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Morning “reblog” of Crema prompt fills


So last night I filled a handful of mini Crema prompts.  Instead of reblogging them one at a time and clogging up people’s dashes I’m just going to post the links to them here.  K?

#49 - Anonymous asked you: I was wondering how Carrie reacted the first time Kurt talked about Blaine?

#50 - Anonymous asked you: Could you write a prompt with Kurt, Blaine and Cooper doing shopping together, please?

#51 - Anonymous asked you: the first time Kurt or Blaine uses the word “boyfriend” about the other and their reactions. :)

#52 - itsallchaaarrlieful asked you: I was wondering if Blaine had ever had to model for any of Kurt’s designs in progress and how that played out?

#53 - imjusttryingtobesomebody asked: I would love to see Blaine tenderly taking care of Kurt. Maybe because he’s sick or has had a bad day.

#54 - Anonymous asked you: can u maybe do one with the wedding and Blaine working at his coffee bar

(I’ll probably keep working more today)