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Klaine Week 2013 - Day 1

Early Klaine

“Look at them,” Burt grunted from the couch.

“Look at who, honey?” Carole asked patiently.


What do you mean you’ve never sliced an onion?”

“Adorable, aren’t they?”

Burt huffed.

“Don’t scare him off, Burt.”

“The first time I met him, he was passed out cold on Kurt’s bed.”

Oh my God, I think I’m blind. Kurt? Kurt, I am blind.”

Aww, poor baby. Did the onion bite you?”

“He’s a teenager. They tend to make mistakes. At least he had clothes on.”

“He could be bad influence.”

“Sweetheart, he’s wearing his school uniform to a Friday night dinner. I think it’s safe to say he’s pretty harmless.”

“Underage drinking, Carole.”

“Yes, because I’m sure you’re a saint when it comes to that.”

Here, peel some oranges. Easy enough.”

I’ll peel these oranges better than anyone has ever peeled oranges before!”

…I’m sure.”

“You know that he came to the garage the other day to tell me to have the talk with Kurt?” Burt said in that tone he used when he wanted to proof a point.

“From what I gathered, the talk was a success.”

“Yes but that’s not the point.”

“So what’s the point?”

“His motive. Carole, he wants me to talk about sex with Kurt and a little while later, boom, they’re dating!”

Carole sighed. “Blaine will not pressure Kurt into anything he’s not ready for.”

“How do you know that?”

Look at them,” Carole repeated his husband’s words with a soft smile on her face.

You’re bossy when you cook.”

And you’re a child. Keep your fingers out of my dough, Anderson!”


They fit together like puzzle pieces, Burt realized. Blaine was hugging Kurt from behind and even though he was slightly – or quite a bit – shorter, it somehow didn’t look awkward at all.

“That boy adores your son. They may not wait until marriage but I don’t see any reason to lock Kurt into his room and keep him there until he’s 27. Don’t tell me that didn’t cross your mind.”

“How did you do it? When Finn started this whole… dating thing? How did you do it?”

“I told him to be safe. He was. We still had a pregnancy scare.” They both chuckled. “We can only help them, Burt. And those two? The world is already against them.”

You’ve got something on your nose.”

I do?”

Yeah. Here, let me… Oh.”

“So let’s just cheer them on.”

She was right. Of course she was right, Burt knew that. Blaine was a good kid and judged by the way Kurt’s lips were pressed on his, his son thought so, too.

It did warm his heart, that the two boys felt comfortable enough to express their feelings in the house.

In the kitchen.

In front of the food.

“So when’s dinner?” he asked loudly as he stood up.

Kurt and Blaine jumped apart as if electrocuted.

Carole rolled her eyes.

exactly 15 minutes between school and work but i’d be damned if i didn’t participate :D

Anonymous asked
Oh ok! Prompt then: kurt and blaine are just friends but to go to a family reunion one of them (doesnt matter which) needs to have a date. Thanks :)


Well, this got long. ~1500 words, PG, ridiculous fluff.


"Are you feeling okay?" Kurt asked, shocked. He looked up from his laptop to see Blaine frowning at his own on the far end of the bed. "Are you trying to sound more grown-up again? Because you’re still on Principal Sue’s black list for using multi-syllabic words she doesn’t consider ‘real.’"

"No, I got an email from my grandmother," Blaine said, eyebrows furrowed. "Our family reunion’s this weekend, and she’s asking if I want her to invite her friend’s sister’s grandson for me."

"…Okaaaay," Kurt said, feeling confused. "Isn’t that a good thing? Your grandma used to be super homophobic, didn’t she?"

"She finally saw the light, but now she’s treating me like the rest of my single cousins and pushing available boys on me left and right," Blaine said. He dropped his head into his hands, muffling his next words. "I think I preferred it when she hated me. At least then she left me alone. The last boy she brought for me had pit stains and an overbite, Kurt!"

Kurt winced in sympathy for his best friend. “That’s rough, B. I’m sorry.” There was silence for a moment before Kurt felt the metaphorical lightbulb flick on over his head. “Hey, why don’t you just take me?”

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FIC: No Matter What Happens



Title: No Matter What Happens

Rating: PG-13 (for very little language use)

Pairing: Klaine

Word Count: 5,284

AN: I just typed this in a hurry last night so it’s currently un-beta’d as I don’t want to overwhelm my beta with too much at once. 

Kurt sits in the stands of the O2 Arena clutching onto Mrs. Evans hand tight and holding Stevie close. This is it, the final rotation. The USA has to be flawless on the high bar or they are out of the medal race. The scores are just too close. One misstep from any team will change the entire competition. 

Currently, China is in first place, but they have already finished their final apparatus, so it’s still anyone’s game really. The USA is in fifth place, but Japan has never been strong at the pommel horse and France is only halfway decent on the rings. Kurt is confident that they can pull ahead and medal if they just do as well as they did in prelims. The high bar is one of their best apparatuses and they are going to need all the help they can get to beat Britain and China. 

The tension in the air as the teams prepare to start the final rotation is palpable. Kurt has never been this stressed out before and he’s not even competing today. 

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What I Call Life (Part 17)


Part Seventeen of the blangstpromptoftheday mpreg fic.

Parts 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16

This chapter might feel a little stunted, but there’s some serious growth in here. Forgive me for how long this took to post and also if it sucks because my will to write has been waning as of late.

Song in this chapter? Here.

This fic is on too.

After their talk, everything felt like it was beginning to fall into place. The men were communicating more, Landon was ecstatic about having Kurt around, and things looked a little brighter. Then it all came to a crashing stalemate a few days later when Blaine woke up with a cold. Within a day or two, his cold mutated from a simple sore throat to something worse and before Kurt knew it, their progress was halted as Blaine became incredibly ill and the dynamic in the household (and between them) changed.

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Cuddle Me In


Summary: When Kurt first transfers to Dalton and he and Blaine spend more time together than ever, Kurt starts to realize just how physically affectionate Blaine really is.

It takes a while for Kurt to stop jumping at every loud noise. Which isn’t exactly ideal at a school full of rowdy teenage boys, but it is what it is. Kurt suffered a lot of bullying at McKinley, and that doesn’t go away overnight.

Neither does his fear of touch. It seems like second nature for all the boys at Dalton to touch each other—a clap on the back or the shoulder, a fist bump, a smack on the arm. For a bunch of straight guys, they touch each other an awful lot. And it’s fine, Kurt thinks, just something to get used to. It’s different from the harsh shoves and punches thrown his way at McKinley. He just has to keep reminding himself that he’s safe here, and that no one is intending to hurt him when they slap a hand to his upper back.

Blaine is both the worst and the best about this. He is almost always touching Kurt, but it’s never as aggressive as the other boys. It’s not a punch on the arm when he says something funny, it’s hand on his thigh. It’s not a clap on his back as a greeting, it’s a kiss on his cheek.

Kurt doesn’t know how he never realized it before, but Blaine is the most physically affectionate person he’s ever met. Ever since Kurt has transferred to Dalton, he’s been around Blaine a lot more, which means he’s experienced the full extent of Blaine’s friendship.

As Kurt walks down the hall to his next class, Blaine catches up next to him and takes his hand, lacing their fingers together. “Hey!”

Kurt startles but tries to play it cool. “Hey.”

"How’s your day so far?" Blaine asks him, swinging their joined hands between them.

"It’s been pretty good. Boring, but good."

"School in a nutshell," Blaine laughs.

Kurt nods. “Yeah, just about.”

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Title: Take It Like a Man
Author: Idoltina & Penguinutopia
Word count: 114k
Chapters: 12
Pairings: Blaine/Sebastian, Kurt/Blaine
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A Legally Blonde AU. Blaine Anderson has it all. He’s a member of both the polo and fencing clubs, founder of the charity Songbirds in Schools, and the lead soloist of the university’s famous all-male a capella choir, the Warblers. In his senior year at UCLA, Blainea show choir majorwants nothing more than to be the future Mr. Blaine Anderson-Smythe. When Sebastian breaks up with Blaine instead of proposing and heads off to a more ‘serious’ life at Harvard Law, Blaine sets his sights on following the love of his life to Boston to win him back. But Harvard holds a lot more obstacles than Blaine anticipated: challenging coursework, Santana Lopez, and an admittedly cute graduate by the name of Kurt Hummel.

Ficlet: Lucky


Title: Lucky

Summary: Blaine needs a little help and Kurt is there. That’s how it all starts.

A/N: Birthday ficlet for Cate! Okay, so her birthday was last week, but I am a slow writer right now. Sorry, honey! I hope you still enjoy this! <3

Read at the AO3

Or on tumblr:

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That would actually be nice right now.
As much as I love my family and being back for the holidays… It can be a bit much. Not in a bad way, but it’s exhausting at times.

You could always lie down in your room for 5 minutes and pretend.



This is nice.

What is?

Lying here.


This *is* nice.

It was your idea.

Yeah, but sometimes I surprise myself.

I’m not surprised.




i promised this long time ago

Little Numbers is one of the best stories about klaine <3 it’s romantic and adorable and.. you all know what i mean. i’m in love with this story. i hope they will be together at the end. just like Harry and Sally. 

fic: just jealous


klaine-reflects-love prompted: would you write me a jealous!kurt or jealous!blaine fic? i’ve read them all and i’ve been looking for one to read. Hope you feel better ♥

two times where blaine was the jealous one, and one time kurt was.

word count: ~2.9k

Kurt has potentially the best eye for flirting-in-progress than anyone else Blaine has ever met. It’s pure entertainment to get coffee with him and listen to him murmur under his breath about the businessman trying to put the moves on the barista half his age, or the nervous college couple on their first date the table over.

Kurt is also potentially the most blind to people flirting with him than anyone else Blaine has ever met.  This is something Blaine is not just realising.

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