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Undertow (Crema verse)


Title: Undertow (part 9) <- S&C Link
Pairing: Klaine AU
Rating: PG-13, for light language and implied sexual situations

Summary: Kurt’s just landed a job at Vogue as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant. One of his tasks is to bring her coffee in the morning.  Enter Blaine, the barista.  This is the story of how they change each other’s lives.

An expanding story based on Season 4 speculation that Kurt will be in New York and somehow involved with Sarah Jessica Parker, of Sex and the City fame.

installments: Con Panna, DoppioAmericanoShot In the DarkRistretto, MacchiatoCorrettoBreveUndertowPeppermint MochaDirty ChaiIrish Coffee Part 1Irish Coffee Part 2CappuccinoAffogato: The Epilogue

There is now also a Crema Masterpost.

Find the whole fic on AO3.

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Collide [Kurt/Blaine] PG


First installment of a new ‘verse, featuring Cheerio!Kurt and nerd!Blaine in an unreformed McKinley (aka a universe where Glee club never took off).


~1,600 words

“Whoo-hoo, that’s ten points for Puck!”

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Anonymous asked
Thank you so much for your wonderful, beautiful ABC verse. It's helping me get through finals <3 For a prompt, I would love something in which Burt meets Blaine first and sets them up! Or just anything involving a lot of Burt!


Hope this counts!

Rebel Rebel (Risky Business) :

Burt Hummel likes to think that he’s a pretty decent dad, at least most of the time. He did what he could without knowing what the hell he was doing and he thinks he did an okay job of it. Parenting is tough: setting boundaries, enforcing bedtimes, making sure your kid eats enough green vegetables. Those first eight years were hard because he and his wife, just like every other first-time parents out there, had no idea how to raise a kid. And the years after that, those were hard because he was going it alone.

But he still thinks he did an okay job of it.

And Kurt, he’s a pretty decent kid, Burt knows that. He’s on the honor roll. He’s a cheerleader. He respects curfew and he’s got a good work ethic. Sure, he acts like an entitled teenager sometimes but what kid doesn’t? Burt’s proud of him and he knows his son is going places.

So when his son starts dating Blaine Anderson, all Burt can think is Where the hell did I go wrong?

The infamous kid that blew up the middle school bathroom — two bathrooms, actually — is dating his son.

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Twice the Joy


Title: Twice the Joy

Artist: bowtiedarling
Author: froggydarren
Rating: art: G, fic: G 
Word Count: ~5400
Warnings: references to canon character death
Fic Summary: The plan was to conquer NYADA, then Broadway, then the world. Somehow, they ended up on track with those plans, but also with something extra. And three years later, they’re adding more yet again.
Link to Art: tba
Link to Fic: AO3
Art thumbnail: see end of this post

Kurt isn’t quite sure how they got to where they are now. Well, no, he’s pretty sure that getting to the hospital itself was pretty straightforward: getting the call, calling a cab, getting into cab and not forgetting to bring the toy and supplies bag, trying to not curse at the traffic in New York, getting out of the cab at the hospital and balancing everything in their hands. Okay, so maybe not that straightforward, but that was still the relatively simple part. What he is pondering right now, while they’re waiting for the doctor to come and update them, is how they ended up being only twenty-three and already on a second round of all this.


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Affogato: The Epilogue (Crema verse)


Title: Affogato: The Epilogue
Pairing: Klaine AU
Rating: PG 13 for language and implied sexual situations. The overall rating is now upped to NC-17 for smut (in Dirty Chai)

Summary: Kurt’s just landed a job at Vogue as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant.  One morning he meets Blaine at the Starbucks in Times Square, and the shy, adorable barista catches his eye right away.  This is the story of how they change each other’s lives.

Previous installmentsCon Panna, DoppioAmericanoShot In the DarkRistretto, MacchiatoCorrettoBreveUndertowPeppermint MochaDirty ChaiIrish Coffee Part 1Irish Coffee Part 2, Cappuccino

So this is it, in a way.  Thanks to everyone who’s read and left me comments about it.  I’ve read them all and appreciate every one of them.

There is now also a Crema Masterpost.

Find the whole fic on AO3.

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Amidst These Flashing Lights [1/1]


Title: Amidst These Flashing Lights
Artist: crazinaway
Author: daswarschonkaputt
Rating: tentative R
Word Count: 16,200
Warnings: Mentions of past attempted murder from a significant other, and at one point someone’s significant other throws a beer bottle at their head.
Fic Summary: When you work in a job that leads to rubbing shoulders with some of the hottest names to grace the silver screens, it’s easy, Blaine supposes, to lose yourself in the glamour of it all. To drown in the romance of the moment – the thrill of excitement that comes with thinking you’re living a real life fairy tale. It’s effortless. And that’s what makes Blaine feel so stupid about all this.
Or: in which Kurt is one of the leading PR specialists in Hollywood, Blaine is his summer intern, and Cooper is a movie star with a terrible taste in women.
Link to fic: AO3
Link to art: here


Amidst These Flashing Lights
by daswarschonkaputt

Maybe it’s a mistake, but for the first time since he’s met Kurt, Blaine doesn’t think. He doesn’t draw up arguments in his head, doesn’t chant them again and again like a mantra.

He just presses their lips together and finally, finally, he can breathe.

Don’t mix business with pleasure – don’t fuck clients, don’t fuck your co-workers, don’t fuck your boss.

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Meet Me in Saariselkä ~4k

Inspired by a thunderstorm and the lovely Jenn, and dedicated to all of you as a thank you for your support and encouragement these past few months.  It means more to me than I can say.

PG-13, warnings for serious fluff and possible abuse of the Finnish language.  Thanks to Lissa for her epic fic feng shui skills, appraisal of the Stilton factor, and not judging me when I accidentally sort of wrote Christmas fic set in Finland.

Despite his twenty-nine years, Blaine never seems to outgrow the childlike delight that surges up in him like a wave whenever a really good storm hits. He loves nothing more, in fact, than slipping out onto the covered balcony off his bedroom with a cup of tea and sinking into the ancient, creaky rocking chair that belonged to his grandfather. He can sit there until long after the tea is gone, inhaling the scent of electricity burning the rain and watching the steam rise from his neighbors’ rooftops.

What Blaine loves most about storms is that they are the same almost anywhere. No matter where he is in the world, he finds the chaos and power universal—and after spending so much time on airplanes and tour buses, he now greets thunder and lightning like old friends come to wish him well. They’re a good luck charm of sorts; an omen of things going his way.

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Blaine Anderson: Icon


Final part of the Rockstar!Blaine story

part one: Blaine Anderson: Rock Star

part two: Blaine Anderson: Unzipped

Kurt gets up, gets dressed. He leaves. And that’s it, only it isn’t. Not officially. They never break up or argue, Blaine doesn’t beg him to go and Kurt doesn’t beg him not to. He leaves and goes back home. Blaine leaves to perform in fifty cities in a span of five months.

Kurt throws himself into their upcoming runway show, and it’s a lot to drown himself in; a crap ton of meetings with the event coordinator, approving models, finalizing the clothes, agreeing to a playlist and lighting and how many tickets will be available and a million other details that Kurt uses as an excuse to put Blaine out of his head.

It doesn’t work, of course. He goes to bed at night and his mind drifts to Blaine. Where he is, if he’s sleeping okay. If he’s as lonely as Kurt. He sees him in bouquets of roses, in the place where they met for coffee almost every morning. The park where Blaine kissed him under a flickering street lamp and someone nearby nabbed a picture and spammed it all over the internet. It’s a great picture. He saved it as his phone background for a while. Now it’s just a generic picture of a beach. He’s not even sure which one.

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Official [Kurt/Blaine] PG


Early!Klaine revealing that they’re dating to the New Directions for the first time via Rachel and Mercedes.  Prompted by and written for the wonderful Caroline.  

Her prompt: “Maybe a shopping date.  ’Oh guys, can I bring someone special?’ ‘Okay, who is it?’ ‘Just someone special.’ and then they show up and ‘Kurt, you could have just told us that you wanted to bring Blaine. No offense, but you’re not special anymore.’ ‘Guys, I’d like to introduce you to my boyfriend.’”

~1,300 words

Kurt’s phone buzzed again for the fifth time in as many minutes.

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The Pavarotti Pavlovian—Pav·lo·vi·an conditioning (n.): A process of behavior modification by which a subject comes to respond in a desired manner to a previously neutral stimulus that has been repeatedly presented along with an unconditioned stimulus that elicits the desired response.

a.k.a. how in the world does bird talk turn Blaine on? it’s slightly cracky - I’m just having fun.

"Do we need a code word? I feel like we need a code word."

Blaine looks up from his homework, frowning slightly. “A code word for what?”

Kurt blushes, obviously a bit uncomfortable, but he plows on - something he’s been doing more and more of lately. “For when we’re in public, with friends or whatever, and we want to… you know.”

"I can’t say I do."

"Making out," Kurt says, rushed. Blaine sits up on the bed and crosses his legs, figuring he should probably give Kurt his full attention for this. Kurt gets up from his chair and moves to the bed, a questioning, nervous look in his eyes that Blaine returns with a warm smile and a pat on the space in front of him. Visibly relieved, Kurt sits there, legs tucked underneath him.

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