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Unguarded (Kurt/Blaine) PG-13 3/4


Hello, everyone!  Here it is: the third of four installments for my belated Michael reaction fic.  Enjoy!

Also available on ffnet or AO3

Part 1, Part 2.

~4,500 words

They met in the same classroom as before, Santana leaning back against the teacher’s desk this time, expression stoic, while Kurt stood across from her, arms folded as she pressed play on the cassette.

He’d expected the first half, the initial confrontation with the Warblers.  The sing-off surprised him, but Santana’s face remained utterly unmoving, so he listened, waiting, and then: 

"What the hell did you put in that slushy?"

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Unguarded (Kurt/Blaine) PG-13 2/4


Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope you’ll enjoy; more coming soon!

Summary: Belated Michael reaction fic. Angst, hurt/comfort, romance.

Part 1.  Also available on ffnet or AO3.

~5,000 words for this part, 10,000 altogether

Kurt couldn’t help but marvel at how easily Blaine oscillated between deadweight and “Kurt, Kurt, we should make a snowman.”

"There’s no snow yet, honey," Kurt reminded him for the fifth time in as many minutes, giving his hand a little squeeze as they waited for the ophthalmologist to arrive.  

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Unguarded (Kurt/Blaine) PG-13 1/4


It’s here!  Michael reaction fic.  Enjoy!

~5,000 words

Also available on: ffnet or AO3.

"Do you really think this is going to work?"

Blaine’s voice was skeptical, but Santana’s expression remained neutral as she looked at him, eyeing him from head to toe before dismissing him without a word.  ”We’re not backing out now,” she said simply, advancing into the parking garage and wordlessly beckoning him to follow.

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the most important day, a more important life


[I blame this on the 48hrs worth of “My Fair Wedding” I’ve been marathoning…]

"Can we have the room?"

Blaine barely hears his brother’s request through the fog of his mind. His fingers are dancing nervously along his lapel, his vision spotting with black, his skin prickling with a sudden flush.

"Blaine? What is it?" Cooper is suddenly standing directly in front of him. "What’s wrong?"

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Load the Dice ‘Verse


Now that the novel is announced, maybe you want to catch up on the fic that started it all…

Load the Dice – NC17 – Everything’s a game of chance. Unless you load the dice. (6,600 words) 

If You Don’t Cheat – NC17 – If you don’t cheat, you don’t care enough. (9,100 words)

Hitting the Jackpot - NC17 - It’s been seven months since Kurt drew his lucky card. (7,000 words)

beatles kid proposes on a stairway


So I found this half-finished on my laptop last night so obviously, it’s way behind on the times.  I think maybe someone was like, ooh Kurt should start getting crazy tips at the diner when the proposal goes viral on the internet! and I launched on it.  (but then forgot about it and found it way after it was still relevant.) mad props to kat beta-ing two separate fics for me today.


beatles kid proposes on a stairway


For Kurt, it starts with a note and a twenty-five dollar tip on a check for a simple side salad.

Good luck with the wedding! You two are cuter than Kevin and Scotty on Brothers & Sisters!!

He shows the receipt to Rachel who launches into a conversation with herself about the realistic depths of Kevin’s neuroses and the unrealistic twist of Scotty’s infidelity but Kurt quickly tunes her out.

He’s only been at the Spotlight Diner for a few days and sure, he’s a better server now than he was on his first day but still — the twenty-five dollar tip on a five dollar meal wasn’t exactly deserved. He forgot to bring her extra croutons, he never remembered to refill her water with lemon, and hello, he didn’t even give her the right dressing. (She ordered Catalina and was wearing an ivory dress, no way was he tempting the fates like that.)

He shows the receipt to Santana when she gets back from break and she’s basically just as useless as Rachel.

“God, go figure,” she mutters. “Sure, you’ve been here all of ten minutes while I’ve been slaving away for months. Of course you should be the first one of us to get a creepy disturbing benefactor.”

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[An indulgent fic for my birthday, because I wanted a little wish-fulfillment and fluff. Happy bday to me! :)]

Kurt wakes slowly, but completely aware of the day - it would be impossible not to be, seeing as how every member of his family and every single friend and colleague has been making a huge deal out of it.

He stretches like a starfish, letting himself enjoy the fact that he has no plans until later that afternoon. He checks the clock, 8:50am. His no-you-shouldn’t-sleep-‘til-noon-just-because-it’s-the-weekend alarm is about to go off in ten minutes and he decides to wait it out. He closes his eyes blissfully, then grins when there’s a soft thud and the pitter-patter of cat feet walking across his down comforter. He reaches out with one hand and receives an affectionate head-butt. He scratches under Bean’s chin before realizing that he’s standing on Blaine’s empty side of the bed.

He resists pouting. Just because he wanted to wake up to his husband, doesn’t mean-

"Happy birthday!"

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If anyone’s still awake….


I have for you little darlings, a short little bedtime story. a.k.a. fluffy sleepytime Kurt and Blaine. 

Summary: Blaine and Kurt are trying to have a sleepover, but they’ve learned quickly that they are not the world’s most compatible sleeping partners.

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Like I’ve Never Seen the Sky Before (1/4) - Kurt/Blaine


Rating (overall, not necessarily in this part): NC-17

Parts: 1/4

Status: Complete

Summary: Blaine is a sixteen year old homeless runaway.  Kurt is a twenty five year old Broadway performer.  One afternoon Kurt quite literally stumbles over the poor boy on the street, accidentally beginning a relationship that’s more than complicated from the start.

Notes: This story is 100% complete and I’ll be posting a part a day for the next few days—it’s too long to post all at once and I don’t want to spam people’s dashes.  Blaine is seventeen before the shenanigans start, which is the age of consent in NY, if that’s an issue for you.  Also you can blame yanks02 for this one, too!  Much of the structure of the story here came from her mind.  :)

Warnings (overall, not necessarily in this part): age difference (not used as a kink in terms of the story, really), mention of Blaine’s Sadie Hawkins bashing, neglectful parenting, and one sex scene toward the end that contains very light spanking (the generic sexy bedroom roleplay kind).


[ chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]


The first time that Kurt notices the homeless kid, he’s burned his tongue on a cup of perfect, if slightly too hot, coffee—it’s a contradiction that sends his already foul mood in an even more foul direction because his favorite barista had really killed this mocha after he had been looking forward to it all day.  Now all he can taste is the faint metallic aftertaste of a scorched tongue on top of a bad day.

Trying to shake off the petulant anger that snaps down his spine, he literally trips over someone who is sitting on a semi-secluded bit of sidewalk under an archway next door to the doughnut shop that Kurt had just exited.  In doing so he knocks over something that the person has tucked between their outstretched legs.  Dollar bills and coins spill over the cold, gritty sidewalk, some of the coins tinkling loudly as they fall and spinning off sideways right down through the sewer grate.

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Fic: Thirteen Perspectives on One Graduation Party


"I wonder who is going to throw the New Directions graduation party," I said to myself.
"Oooh, I should write about that this week," I said to myself.
"It won’t be a long fic or anything," I said to myself. "Just three or four thousand words. I’ll be done in a day."

What the hell do I know? :D

Thanks to Stoney for taking time out of her busy life to read for me and for laughing and getting misty-eyed in the right places. Thanks also to the cast of Glee for not only being awesome but for all of the hundreds and hundreds of songs they’ve recorded so that I could have such an awesome all-Glee-seasons playlist as my writing music this week. It’s been really emotional listening to the soundtrack to the whole show, but it was perfect.

Title: “Thirteen Perspectives on One Graduation Party”
Author: flaming muse
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Brittany/Santana, Kitty/Artie + ensemble friendships
Rating: PG
Word count: 9500
Summary: Thirteen views of Tina Cohen-Chang’s 2013 New Directions Graduation Sleepover Party.
Spo!lers: set after 5x13 (“New Directions”), no spo!lers beyond
Warnings: mentions of Finn
Disclaimers: The characters belong to various corporate Powers That Be. I make absolutely no profit from playing with them.
Distribution: Please ask.
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Reminder: I am spo!ler-free!